Ernesto Varela in Rio – 1985

Days before the first Rock in Rio, Ernesto Varela (a character created by Marcelo Tas) goes to Rio to try to understand what makes someone an authentic Carioca. The star of the video is debatable – not sure if it’s Tas himself or the kid on the beach. Each video seems to have both Portuguese and English subtitles in the settings section.

The cameraman, called Valdeci, is none other than Fernando Meirelles, the City of God director. You can see this video and more on Tas’ official site.

Juruna – The indigenous politician


The only indigenous Federal representative in Brazil’s history, elected by PDT/RJ (1983 – 1987), Mário Juruna, returning money offered to him in an attempt at bribery, in 1984.

“He was born in Namurunjá village, near Barra do Garças, in the state of Mato Grosso, the son of the Xavante cacique (chief) Apoenã. He lived in the jungle, without contact with civilization, until the age of 17, when he became cacique.

In the 1970s he became famous for walking the halls of FUNAI, in Brasilia to fight for land rights of Indians, while carrying a tape-recorder, which he used to record everything that was said to him and to prove that the authorities, in most cases, did not keep their word.

He was elected to the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil by the Democratic Labour Party from 1983–1987, representing Rio de Janeiro. His election had strong repercussions in Brazil and the world. He was responsible for the creation of a permanent commission for Indians, which brought formal recognition to issues related to Indians. In 1984, he denounced the businessman Calim Eid for having attempted to bribe him to vote for Paulo Maluf, the presidential candidate supported by the military regime then in power.” – Wikipedia

If you want to see more, try this Globo Reporter clip (8 min) from 1984.