Rio Then is a place where I look into the history of the city of Rio de Janeiro, with a slight focus on the years between 1890 and 1930. That is to say, there’s a focus on the Rio before, during and after the Pereira Passos government, when the city went from being called Cidade da Morte (City of Death) to Cidade Maravilhosa (Wonderful City). It’s important to note that as a result of the transformation, though, it’s said that the process was key to the “favelization” of the city — something that can be seen in my posts on favelas.

Why the blog? Well, I enjoy blogging and used to do Eyes On Brazil and occasionally still do Eyes On Recife. Getting to the subect at hand, when you look at how beautiful Rio was in the early 1900s, it’s hard to not want to have lived in that time. As a former resident of Rio during 2 years, I only had my imagination to use when I contemplated how the city used to be…that is, until I started this blog and began researching Rio Then.

Me: An American in Lisbon, endlessly curious about all things Brazil (for 16 years now)

The wonderful header picture can be found here. Unfortunately, I don’t know who took it.

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    • Sure, though I need to get my links page in order. There just so much info about Rio’s past in Portuguese and so many sources that I have yet to fully look through it. I’m hoping to have it sorted by the end of this month, when I can add your blog to my (coming) list.

      • Vamos falar em portugues, melhor ne? Eu escrevi um livro em ingles falando do Brasil e mais especificamente da minha epoca no RIo: dos anos 60 (quando eu nasci) ate os anos 80. Tem um monte de referencias historicas mas obviamente nao tao profundas quanto as tuas. Dai que eu vejo uma certa complentariedade dos nossos blogs e eu acho que a gente podia pensar em como podemos colaborar. Eu com certeza vou adicionar te como refencia – de graca porque gostei – e vou divulgar na minha pagina do Facebook, mas gostaria que voce pensasse em como voce poderia retribuir a forca.

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