Rio Metro being built

I often talk about the beauty of Rio on this blog but, as we know too well, many things need improvement, such as the city’s infrastructure. People make use of it and either forget or never experienced the problems (including eye sores) it caused when being built. Rio’s Metro, inaugurated in March of 1979, with five stations operating on one line, is one such example. What follows are photos of some of the stations as they were under construction.


Metro being built near Carioca station. The area being opened up on Avenida Treze de Maio, with the Largo da Carioca still untouched which points to the photos having been taken between 1974 and ’75. The image by Paulo Moreira above shows the famous ‘cut and cover’ excavation method, utilized many times in the building of the metro, in which the surface is torn up in order to get to the earth beneath it.


Carioca Station in 1976.One of the biggest stations in the whole system, it was done on two levels, as the terminus station for the Linha 2. The platform, which is under Avenida República do Chile, is empty. As can be seen here in this photo from the ’50s or 60’s, the area’s landscape was dramatically altered.


A huge intervention in Cinelândia. In the first photo, Praça Floriano taken over by construction, around 1974/75. In the second, its arrival at Cinelândia.


Largo do Machado. First photo, 1976. Second, Rua do Catete and Largo do Machado in 1977. A ton of disturbance for the public over a few years.

If interested in learning everything about Rio metro’s history, check out my source (PT)

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